The Power of Video

February 25, 2008

The RSC Wales has been gathering some video of learners testifying to the value of their experiences, and I have already pointed out some examples which Esther has posted on Teachertube, and also showed us at Llandrindod. One of the learners in the video also mentions telling her own story on video. This idea is, of course, not new. The BBC started producing ‘Video Nation’ videos as long ago as 1993, and publishing these on its website since 2001. However, the disadvantage of their approach was that you had to hand over your material to them for editing (although they let you decide whether or not to publish).

But the world has moved on… The hardware is now relatively cheaper, smaller and easier to use. Editing software is also not as complicated , and some of it is free and/or open source. This means that the control is more in the hands of the teacher and the learner, and people are making and editing their own videos.  Many teachers are really taking this on , and we will be linking you to some good examples over the coming weeks.

First off, here are some very moving pieces from the BBC, involving people in NE Wales. I really like the use of still images supplemented by audio commentaries. Really good work can be done even without a video camera. Here are a couple I particularly like, which both chart social change, and its impact on individuals:


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